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Wildfires are Turning the Sun and Moon Red

Wildfires occurring in the western United States are impacting the color of the skies even from thousands of miles away.People from all across the United States have gathered on different social media platforms during this week to note and compare the strange colors in both the daytime and night skies, with the sun and moon turning into a brilliant, blood-red and skies greyed along with haze. While the sky can appear in different colors for a number of reasons, the present redness in the sky is caused by the constant Bootleg wildfire in Oregon.

Even as far away as New York City, thousands of miles from Oregon, the thick smoke from this thrilling wildfire, which began on July 6, 2021, and has already burned 364,000 acres, as reported by the BBC, is clouding up the skies.Amateur astronomer and Astrophotographer Bill Funcheon captured a high-definition photo of the red moon over the skyline in New Jersey on July 20, 2021.

It has been reported that the moon will appear full throughout Sunday morning, according to NASA. On Tuesday, the smoke and the haze from the Wildfires have turned the sun into a deep reddish shade of color as it rose over the skyline of New York City. This was one of the results of the dozens of Wildfires burning in the western United States and Canada.

Significant Wildfires are burning all across the counties of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and California, with Oregon’s Bootleg fire the most enormous and the state’s third-largest wildfire is on the records dated as back in the year 1900.

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