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WhatsApp to Let Users React with any Emoji

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook post, WhatsApp users will soon be able to reply to messages with any Emoji. The CEO tweeted, “We’re rolling out the option to use any as a reaction on WhatsApp,” followed by a list of a few of his personal favourites. It happens only a few months after WhatsApp gave the option to respond with a set of only six Emoji.

Like previous Emoji replies, you may activate the function by holding down the message you wish to respond to for a lengthy time. By doing so, a menu including a new plus icon and the previous six replies appears. A menu containing every, including newer ones like the saluting and melting faces, is accessible by tapping the + icon. This menu also offers several skin tone options. I predict that very soon, individuals will use their Emoji replies in really inventive ways.

The enhanced reaction feature brings WhatsApp in line with the features currently present on Meta’s Messenger service, which have been previously seen in the beta versions of the service, including on both iOS and Android. In the upcoming weeks, all WhatsApp users will have access to the extended Emoji replies functionality, which is now rolling out.

According to reports, since last year, WhatsApp has been developing a new universal app for macOS and iPadOS. Now that WhatsApp has recently made a beta version of its new macOS client based on Catalyst technology, it appears that this app is now nearing an official debut. A macOS programme now makes WhatsApp available to Mac users. However, the Electron framework and WhatsApp Web serve as the only foundation for this application. As a result, the existing WhatsApp for Mac application runs slowly and consumes more CPU and memory resources.

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