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What News Things are Coming up in AI technology?


In an unremarkable building close to downtown Chicago, Marc Gyongyosi and the small but growing crew of IFM/Onetrack.AI are actively pursuing simplicity in thinkingThe words have been written in the simple font on a simple sheet of paper that is stuck to a rear upstairs wall of their industrial workspace. What they are trying to do here with AI, however, is not as simple at all.

Sitting at his disorderly desk, located near an often-used table tennis table and examples of drones from his college days deferred overhead, Gyongyosi hits some keys on a laptop to pull up rough video footage of a forklift driver who is operating his vehicle in a warehouse. It was captured from overhead courtesy of an Onetrack.AI commonly known as “forklift vision system.”

Engaging machine learning and computer vision for the discovery and organization of various safety events, the shoebox-sized device does not see everything, but it sees a lot of things. For example, which way the driver is looking as he works on the vehicle, how fast he is driving, where he is driving, exact locations of the people around him, and how other forklift operators are turning their vehicles.

IFM’s software automatically detects safety violations, for example, cell phone uses, and informs warehouse managers so they can take instant action needed. The main goals are to avoid accidents and raise efficiency. The sheer knowledge that one of IFM’s devices is watching, Gyongyosi claims, has had “a huge effect.”

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