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What Happened to the Texas Lizards?

The Oklahoma City Zoo and Tinker Airforce Camp collaborated to learn and gather more information about the Texas Horned Lizards and avert them from being missing forever.Dozens of these lizards live in the tall grass on Tinker. Their small height doesn’t make them easier to spot. But, Raymond Moody, Natural Resource Biologist at Tinker Air Force Base, and Sam Eliades, Ph.D. candidate at OU, have some instrument called trackers which helps to spot these tiny little creatures.

For many years, Tinker has been studying the behavior of lizards and has lately joined up along with the Oklahoma City Zoo to acquire more evidence about them.Moody said that the Texas Horned Lizard is, in fact, a species of distinct concern in Oklahoma. They are not truly endangered or threatened yet right now, but they could become extinct in the near future.

That is why the zoo has a head start program in progress where they raise the lizard eggs and baby lizards inside the Lizard Lab at the Oklahoma City Zoo. The hatchlings stay there for a long period of time which is, however, enough to get them over the most vulnerable stage of their life.

The most recent information released by the Texas Horned Lizards onto Tinker AFB occurred at the beginning of June 2021. The teams of Tinker and the Oklahoma City Zoo team planned to repeat the process again after two years.The Oklahoma City Zoo has posted updates about the lizards on all of their social media platforms, and they will continue to do so all over this summer.

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