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Viral Video Showing the Evolution of 4 Years in 4 Minutes

About 4.5 billion years ago, a bump of molten rock had begun to form in the solar system that sooner or later has evolved into the present-day Earth.An artist and computer scientist, David A. Roberts, created the planet’s Evolution story in a fascinating and mesmerizing video. The latest video comprises billions of years of Evolution changes into a four-minute simulation and transitional video.

The epic tale starts with an extremely hot and hollow space filled up with protoplanet that is still establishing into a stable world.The video then transitions into a flat view of Earth, showing the plate tectonics beginning to take shape about 3 billion years ago.

Moving along with the Evolution timeline, Robert introduces the viewers to amazing and colorful features that signify water flowing on the planet and landmasses rising above the Earth’s surface.At the end of the video, it shows bright lights shining throughout the continents all over the world, indicative of the red-hot world which was once just like that, and now it has been inhabited by humans and an endless number of other species.

Roberts shared in a blog post stating that he is now closing the run-up on the early Earth, and the pace of the video slows down to a cycle between the day and night, and the land becoming fixed as the tectonic movements become invisible. Soon that night reveals the extraordinary patterns of light as the human race proceeds to take over the surface of the planet.

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