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US Automotive Market Looks Appealing

US Automobile Sales climbed up in the second quarter of the year 2021. But the uptick could have more significant. The automakers have struggled to search for the computer chips required to build up enough cars and trucks to meet the customers’ demand.

The tight supplies drove up the prices of cars to record levels which have also restricted the sales volume.The sales look predominantly stronger as compared to the same period of the last year, which was the worst quarter for the sale of cars since the time of Great Recession.

During that time, both factories and most of the agreements had shut down for a different reason: the safety protocols and other guidelines related to the pandemic.Even when the sales are compared to the ones made in the first quarter of this year, quite many automakers have shown improved numbers.The automakers were mainly focused on building up large pickups and SUVs over other vehicles.

They have also been limiting the number of sales they make to fleet the customers, such as rental car companies, but they buy vehicles in bulk but at a discounted price. Most automakers expect that the second quarter of this year will have been the most challenging time to discover chips and that the supplies should also be improved by looking forward.Michelle Krebs, the executive analyst at Autotrader, said that it could have been much stronger.

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