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U.S. Multi Technology Screening Potential Solution

The United States Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has launched a multi-energy portal (MEP) inspection system for improving the scanning and Screening process of commercial vehicles crossing the U.S. border. The MEP system is provided by the tech company Leidos. This new multi-technology system is designed to aid the border agency in increasing the accuracy and overall performance efficiency of cargo scanning.

The new system acquires data associated with each vehicle, followed by applying artificial intelligence to assist patrol officers in minimizing the time consumption significantly and facilitates accurate identification of the components or materials being transported.The multi-energy Screening process developed by Leidos offers a non-intrusive inspection technique for commercial vehicles crossing the border via land and seaports.

This saves a great deal of time for officials without the need for physical inspection of every passing vehicle.This innovative problem-solving system technology will be first installed at the border crossing in Brownsville, Texas.Leidos’ MEP has been previously used earlier this year during Joe Biden’s Presidential inauguration and at the Super Bowl LV. The company’s Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System (VACIS) MEP comprises a QR code and an RFID reader.

It also consists of license plate recognition technology which captures data regarding the individual driver and their vehicles.From the documentation, situational awareness cameras were installed, low-energy backscatter was used for concealment of areas. Additionally, high-energy X-ray transmissions were used for cargo inspection and radiation detection.

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