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Toxic chemicals in US waterways

Various cancer causing chemicals dumped by industry millions of pounds into the waterways in the US. Chemical polluters from various US states are found responsible for polluting the waterways of the country by dumping highly Toxic chemicals of almost 200 million pounds in the year 2020. These Toxic chemicals are reported to be found in various watersheds all across the country. Chemicals majorly cursing disease like cancer are found.

The lead author of research suggested in the conclusion of the research that america’s waterways needs to be clean for various purposes like drinking, swimming, fishing and supporting wild animals. Unfortunately, these chemical companies are actually allowed to dump their waste into these open water bodies.

But in order to follow the Clean Water Act, it is high time the cleaning of America’s water supplies starts getting cleaned up. The states which tops the list of polluters are Indiana, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and North Carolina.

Out of all the river dumps, Ohio’s river basin was found to be the largest polluter in 2020. Talking about the sole states. Texas, Virginia and Indiana are found to be the largest Toxic dumpers in the same year. The discharge of chemicals found by these states is the heaviest in the volume. The cancer-causing chemicals found in the watersheds of the country are benzene, chromium, and arsenic. These are highly Toxic chemicals and are almost impossible to destroy.

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