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The U.S. Tire Maker Goodyear Faces Allegations In Malaysia

Labors at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co (GT.O) have abused the American manufacturer. The manufacturer has been abused for not paying their wages, unlawful overtime, and for threatening the foreign workers. The labors have filed a complaint against the manufacturer in court. Some employees in the company were interviewed when they stated the misbehavior.

They stated that their salaries were deducted unknowingly, mandated them to work for extra hours, and denied access to their passports. Goodyear has been fined for the same in the previous year as well. The manufactures was overworking and underpaying the foreign employees. One former employee said the company had illegally kept his passport.

A news agency has first reported the allegations. The news agency reached out to the employees when over 185 foreign workers filed complaints against the manufacturer. The complaint was registered for not complying with the collective labor agreement. The workers alleged that they were not getting shift allowances, annual bonuses, and increments in pay scale. They stated that the local staff was getting all the benefits except the foreign workers. The complaint against the manufacturer is filed by the labor union.

The court has favored foreign workers. The court said that foreigners deserve the same rights as Malaysian employees. The manufacturer has been ordered by the court to pay back the wages and comply with the agreement. The foreign workers claim that the manufacturer is yet to 5 million to the workers. The foreign workers are from India, Myanmar, and Nepal.

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