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The Infinity Science Center Re-opened For Science Lovers

On Saturday, May 29, 2021, the Infinity Science Center held a grand re-opening declaring great news for all its science lovers.The Center, established in Pearlington, Mississippi, was shut down for all the visitors due to COVID-19; however, the announcement of opening its doors again brought a surge of excitement and several visitors on the occasion of the grand opening.The Infinity Science Center established a grand welcome engaging the visitors in playing dodgeball with bots along with enabling visitors to hang out with their favorite Star Wars characters.

Infinity Center’s Education Manager Donna Torres expressed gratitude and excitement stating the critical impact of the pandemic on the Infinity Center and also shares the increasing participation and requests for the Infinity Science Center to start functioning ideally.Feedback from numerous visitors expressed their experience with the Center in the past and shared their insights.

The Griffin Family was a part of the re-opening and shared their thoughts, explaining their previous experience with the Infinity Science Center when it had initially opened years back and their excitement to be back for the re-opening.Other than the core idea of the Infinity Center with various attractive elements, the visitors indicate the satisfaction to step out into the environment and socialize post-pandemic.

The officials and organizers of the Infinity Science Center share their main objective to provide a superior learning experience for children exposing them to stimulating learning opportunities. The Louisiana Aerospace Education Director Kathy Beauford offered 16 free STEM kits ranging from model rockets, airplanes, bridge building on behalf of the group to the teachers and librarians to pass on to the students.

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