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Tesla Raises Prices For Entire Range Of Vehicles

American electric vehicle company has decided to raise prices for all its electric vehicles. Tesla has increased the prices of vehicles by between 5 to 10 percent. The cheapest car the company currently sells is Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive, which is now at $46,990, and the top-end Model X Tri motor will be sold for $138,990.

This is the second time Tesla increased the prices of the vehicles in a week after it increased the cost of the long-range models on Wednesday. Today’s price rise is more important because all the vehicles will be sold at a higher price.

The company or the CEO Elon Musk has not stated any reason for the price rise. Musk tweeted that Tesla and space x have a recent inflation pressure in raw materials and supply chain. So, inflation is up 7.9% in the US this year. This is caused by the increasing cost of energy, food, and services, while the prices of raw materials used to build EVsare soaring in price due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Model 3 Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive got an increase of $2,500 to $54,500, but it also got a $1,000 price hike just last week. Model 3 Performance also got an increase of $3,000 to $61,990. As for the flagship Model S and Model X were not spared the wave of price hikes. As for the Performance version of the electric SUV has also increased by $3,000 to $67,990.The Plaid version also saw a big price increase, and now it finally sells for more than the Model S Plaid.

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