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Tesla Inc Increased the Prices of Model X and Model S

Tesla Inc has raised the price of its Model X Long Range and Model S Long Range models by $5,000, according to the company’s website.  Model X and Model S Long Range are now available for $104,990 and $94,990, respectively.

Prices for the Model Y Long Range and Model 3 Standard Range Plus rose by $2,000, to $56,990 and $43,990 respectively, according to the website. The EV-major Model 3 compact sedan’s Standard Range Plus variant has seen at least a five per cent price hike by $2,000.

Tesla Inc waiting period is now almost a year. This means consumers who are now buying the Model 3 SR+ will have to wait till September 2022 to get the car in their garage. This is not the first time Tesla has increased the price of its electric cars in recent times.

Since December 2020, Tesla Inc  has increased the price of Model 3 SR+ by nearly 21 per cent or $7,500. The carmaker is making its most affordable offering less and less affordable with every price hike.Other EVs such as Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD, Model S Long Range AWD and Model X Long Range AWD too have witnessed a price hike by up to 5.6%. The Tesla Model Y Long-Range EV has seen multiple price hikes in 2021. In between January and July only, it witnessed prices go up by six times

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