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Tesla Delivers 310,048 Electric Vehicles

American Electric Vehicles company has reported the first quarter of vehicle production and delivery for 2022. Tesla has reported that they have manufactured 305,407 and delivered 310,048Vehicles in 2022. The company has produced more than four thousand vehicles due to supply chain issues and factory shutdown.Last year, the business supplied 184,800 Electric Vehicles and produced 180,338. The manufacturer also said that 295,324 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles were delivered in the first quarter of 2022.

In the first three months of 2022, business analysts predicted that 317,000 Electric Vehicles would be supplied.The forecasts varied from a low of 278,000 to a high of 357,000 car deliveries. The amount of deliveries is a near approximation of the company’s sales figures. They recently opened a factory in Germany to increase manufacturing. The company has planned for a grand opening event on April 7.

The Americal Company is also building a new assembly plant in Texas. They have moved the official headquartered to Austin. The covid surge and the new restriction in china have halted the production in the shanghai plant, which has affected the overall manufacturing of the company. In the fourth quarter, the company marked a new record in the fourth quarter by delivering 308,600 Electric Vehicles.

Like the other automobile company, the top Electric Vehicles company faces a lot of parts shortage. The company faces a shortage and price rises for essential components like semiconductors and raw materials like Nickel and aluminum after the Ukraine- Russia war. In the US, Electric vehicle company asks the customers to wait for a few months for their vehicle.

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