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Teens Having Their Best Summer for Employment

Alonzo Soliz said that he is observing something new about the recent job applications he has been receiving for his two upcoming smoothie cafes in Texas. This observation was that most of those applications are from teenagers.

2021 has been reported the best year for teen workers since 1953, which is when Dwight Eisenhower was confirmed as president and his first Corvette car left off the Chevrolet factory floor. The 2021 surge in Teens seeking jobs has given up a bright spot for employers in various sectors such as restaurants and retail, which have been struggling to find workers and regain the workforce they laid off in the height of the pandemic.

The rise of teenage applicants also marks a leaving from what has been a long-term trend of more Teens selecting to register themselves in summer classes or other academic events over working on a summer job.Soliz told CBS MoneyWatch that they are perhaps having an average of five to seven applications in a day at both of their locations.

This seems like every application coming in lately is from Teens who have never had such a job before.Soliz further said that he hopes to hire a few older workers like those in their 20s and even 30s to fill up more manager roles. Still, he is not receiving as many applications from this age group as he expected or as he did before the pandemic.

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