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Steve Jobs Inscribed Apple II Manual was Sold for $800,000

Apple founder Steve Jobs signed Apple II manual was sold for $800,000 at an auction last week. The 41 years old manual was brought by Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay. According to CNN, the RR Auction, a firm, sold the 1980 manual on Thursday for $787,484.

The 196-page Apple II manual, which was signed by Jobs and early investor in Apple and the company’s second CEO, Mike Markkula, was dated just three years after the computers were released back in 1977.

It is written that Julian, Your generation is the first to grow up with computers. Go change the world! Steven Jobs. The ‘Julian’ in question is Julian Brewer, the son of a former Apple product distributor in the United Kingdom. RR Auction stated Jobs and Markkula had signed the manual during a promotional trip to the UK. The second-generation hardware also became a hit in the business sector after VisiCalc, a computer spreadsheet, was coded for the Apple II back in 1979.

RR auction said that the Apple was primarily for hobbyists, with less than 200 units made. The Apple II changed the world by giving around 6 million homes and businesses their first taste of personal computing. The company would eventually go public, offering IPOs in December 1980 – just three years after the release of Apple II. The winning bidder revealed what the manual meant for him after paying nearly $1 million for it. The three most expensive auction items were the Steve Jobs signed Apple II manual, a Jobs signed the typed letter that went for $479,939, and an Apple I computer that fetched $464,876.

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