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Starbucks CEO is Wasting No time in Making Smart Move

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz puts a halt to the company’s share buyback program. Thecompany’s CEO said on Monday that they are immediately stopping the share repurchasingprogram this way the company can create long-term shareholders. The interim CEO in Johnson as CEO in 2017.

This decision will make the investors invest in the stores and people. The Interim CEO startedthe firm on Monday and this is the third term as chief executive of the American multinationalchain of coffeehouses. By fall the company will bring in new and permanent CEO. Meanwhile,the interim CEO will be managing the company’s functions.

Since the twelfth month, the number of American multinational chain of coffeehouses storeshave joined against the company’s wishes and they are looking for other options. HowardSchultz has helped the company even before taking up the responsibility as Interim CEO. In theeleventh month, he directly spoke to the Buffalo-area employees about the organization'sexcellence. He also used a traditional method, writing a letter stating the importance of a directrelationship with the employees.

This new method of pausing the buyback program can allow the investors to probit buying backthe shares because they are focussing on building a support system for the company’s management. The company recently brought back the program but they have again suspended it.The new buyback program is very popular among the investors because of the lowest number oftotal share which can bring back more earnings per share.

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