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Scientists Working For New Time Travel Phenomena

Researchers are trying to take up and capture a closer look at the science-fiction staple — the Star Trek Warp and bringing the idea of getting a little closer to reality. There is no doubt that the universe is yet too massive for humans to pass through. It takes more than four years for a single beam of light to reach the nearest star of Earth called Proxima Centauri.

Even with the best available force systems, it would still take off thousands of years for a person to get over there. One can always dream about creating up colonies in other star systems, but it is not a journey that anyone is likely to take on.

But maybe one day, it might be possible to decrease the travel Time. There are many ideas regarding how to prepare that, from the laser-accelerated solar sails to nuclear impulsion. But even with the help of these technologies, one would not get too far in human life if he plans to travel towards the universe. The galaxy is certainly open only to those who can travel as fast as light or even faster than that.

For that particular reason, some creative physicists have been thinking for a long about the ultimate propulsion system, that is, a bubble in space and Time – a spaceship that could surge up from sun to sun, just the same way USS Enterprise did. This is the research at the margin of science, which is not necessarily wrong but is spiced along with a huge hopefulness.

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