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Russian Decides to Limit Gas for Germany

After the Russian state-controlled gas giant Gazprom cut its supply to Germany in half, the company’s CEO stated it was a matter of “our product, our regulations.” Gazprom has been accused by economics minister of seeking to drive up energy costs by drastically cutting supplies. However, Gazprom claimed that it was due to the delayed return of equipment repaired in Canada by Germany Siemens Energy.

Russia’s gas supply has also dropped dramatically in Italy and Austria. This, according to the Kremlin, was not planned. After reducing the quantity of gas sent to Germany to around 70 million cubic metres per day – less than half the present pace – Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said Russia will play by its own rules. “Our product, our set of guidelines. We don’t follow regulations that we didn’t make “During a panel discussion at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Mr Miller stated.

He claimed he didn’t see a way to fix the compressor station at Portovaya, which is part of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline that transports Russian gas to Germany. Mr Miller said that penalties were preventing equipment from being returned, a charge described as “unfounded.” Meanwhile, due to the issues at Portovaya, Eni, the Italian energy giant, said it would only receive 65 percent of the gas sought from Gazprom on Thursday.

However, if Russia’s gas supply restrictions persist in the next days, the Italian government has prepared all necessary countermeasures, according to the country’s ecological transition minister. Gazprom blames repair work for cutting the supply of gas through the Nordstream 1 pipeline to Germany to 40% of its usual capacity

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