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Perseverance Mars Rover Collects Its First Martian Rock

The Rover had failed in its attempt to collect the Martian rock in the last month, but now the has become successful in drilling, extracting, and collecting the rock core that is destined to be flown back to Earth for study.The first manoeuvre by the Rover was attempted on 6 August but failed to collect the powdered sample. The second attempt was done on 1St September and the attempt was successful. The second attempt went smoothly. Photographs of the core were also captured by the.

The spacecraft aims to gather 35 such cores that will allow the scientists to further study the geological history of Jezero Crater. The geological history of Jezero Crater for study extremely significant for the scientists as it was home to river delta billions of years ago. The scientists expect that it may reveal evidences of Martian life if any with the help of the Martian rocks.

NASA with the same mission had sent Mars Rover, Curiosity and Mars lander, Phoenix for collecting the rock samples but failed to do so due to multiple problems in drilling the rock, etc.Now, NASA aims to collect the samples efficiently of the rocks. Following its successful collection of the first sample the Rover will drive northwest to collect some samples.

NASA and European Space Agency are planning to set complex missions with the robotic  that will uncover many more evidences of life and more on the outer planet. All samples will be flown back to Earth by 2031 when the Rover will complete its mission.

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