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Our Team

Chief Editor: William Sheldon

A highly successful career path with several years of continued assignments in writing has earned many laurels for William. This also explains her current position as Chief Editor with our organization. She is constantly shouldering various responsibilities here at Gazette News besides editing. Selection of news articles appropriate to each writer’s background as well as understanding and knack is a crucial responsibility of the chief Editor. She has been a part of Gazette News as a managing editor since three years now and owing to her tremendous achievement as managing editor, William has also been successfully promoted as the Chief Editor. Her deep understanding in electronics, physics and technology have placed William as the best recruit in technical writing genre. Her intense desire for writing explains her multiple write-up and articles in tech category despite her continuous and extremely busy schedule as editor.

Her tremendous sense of writing and editing coincide tremendously with her multi-functional capabilities. Her managerial skills are also well appreciated and explains a heterogenous nature of team size with multiple roles.

Sub Editor_ ABC2, FEMALE

Supplementing the Chief Editor, ABC2 is an ideal fit in the sub-editorial position of ABC2 is highly skilled in time management and also follows quality writing expedition despite stringent budgets. Her knack for constant detailing and sense of absolute co-ordination enable her to appropriately second Chief Editor’s role and responsibilities.  She takes great strides in monitoring and mentoring young writers. Besides technology-based writing, ABC2 is a significant contributor towards wellness and health.

Additionally, ABC2 is also significantly inclined towards writing and presenting diverse nuances of defense and aviation industries. This explains her regular writing assignments with various organizations wherein she contributes as a freelance writer. One of her personal favorites as a writer is travel-based writing and therefore she occasionally undertakes traveling as a hobby and documents first-hand information along with tailored itineraries.

ABC3 (FEMALE), Science

Being a fresh recruit at, ABC3 is considered as one of the fastest learners with tremendous zeal and adaptation capacities that has earned her significant opportunities to cover diverse subjects and writing styles under the strict supervision of in-house editors. She has a master’s degree in journalism and has also completed her diploma in digital marketing that further gives her an edge over competitors. Giving her specific interests, she ardently writes for subjects such as physics, astrophysics. chemistry and biology.

ABC4 (MALE) Industry

Besides contributing regularly towards diverse websites, and establishing himself as a social media influencer and blogger, ABC4 commands seamlessly a huge reader base, mostly fan-based readers. Some of the niche writing that he enjoys doing include gaming, AI and IoT. This explains his position as team lead for industry-based writing. Additionally, given his astute understanding of game-based writing and technical writing. This also justifies his training sessions with various writers and novice interns here at