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Nintendo Co. is Planning to Cease Dr. Mario World’ Mobile Version

Nintendo Co announced that Dr. Mario World goes out of service on November 1. The game was launched two years ago and is the first of Nintendo’s mobile games to be shut down. Dr. Mario World was one of the worst-performing Nintendo Inc smartphone games in terms of revenue performance.

That includes Super Mario Run, whose disappointing sales prompted Nintendo to pursue freemium models in the first place.On the other hand, fire Emblem Heroes remains the company’s most prominent mobile hit by a considerable distance, generating more revenue than its other games combined.

Nintendo Co. did go out of its way to make Dr. Mario World a potential monetization machine rather than a direct translation of the NES-era gameplay. However, it was not enough; players who got hooked for it to be worth continually operating.Mobile games still account for a tiny portion of Nintendo’s overall earnings; last year, the company attributed just 3.24 per cent of its revenue to mobile and IP related income, which includes licensing deals.

Nintendo Switch OLED release in the US is slated for October 8 for $349.99. While the new Switch version is not exactly the successor everyone was anticipating, there is going to be huge interest in the Switch OLED. The market for the Nintendo Switch is bigger than that of the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and the Sony PlayStation 4. By March 2021, Nintendo Switch had sold close to 1,00,000 units, and it was bigger than the total sales of the gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft in 2020.

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