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New Covid Cases in Alabama are all Unvaccinated

While hospitalizations are still low in Alabama, a huge majority of Alabamians are hospitalized with positive cases of Covid-19 in the recent weeks and all of them were not vaccinated, according to a recent survey of hospitals done in the state.

The survey from the Alabama Hospital Association has showed that 94% of the patients with Covid-19 at hospitals were not vaccinated. Vaccines up to now have been very efficient in preventing any sort of serious illness from the virus all across the world. Even the new, highly contagious Delta Variant, which now makes up more than half of all newly discovered cases in the United States.

Most people in Alabama are not yet vaccinated, just 1/3rd of the entire state’s population has received both doses of vaccines.has yet to see a main uptick in Covid-19 hospitalizations due to the spread of the Delta variant. Hospitalizations in Alabama have slightly increased in the recent weeks, but remain basically low after falling from huge numbers during the start of this year.

As of July 6, weekly average for new hospitalizations due to the virus had been rising for 12 successive days. On Wednesday, the average was 206 coronavirus patients every day, which is the first time that the numbers have been over 200 since mid-June.But the current weekly average is still suggestively lower than the highs seen during the beginning of the year 2021. The average for Covid hospitalizations has crossed 3,000 during early January. At present, the state’s hospitalization numbers are just 7% of what they were when the virus was at peak.

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