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Minor Earthquake Tremors in Gilroy and Oregon Reported

A Minor Earthquake was reported on Tuesday afternoon near the city of Gilroy, California.According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the magnitude of the Earthquake was 2.5 and was struck about 3.7 miles southwest of Gilroy.The was measured to be 3.6 miles in-depth and was sensed at approximately 3:03 pm.

Though Earthquake clusters are not infrequent near this area, the quake’s strength was yet considered to be moderate. This specific group of shakes seems to comprise at least 25 individual, including the 5.3-magnitude shaker. No information was immediately available, but after the estimations done by USGS, the results were reported through media and news articles.

Earlier this month, on 5 June at 8:51 pm local time, the Cascade Volcano Observatory’s (CVO) seismic network sensed a volcano-tectonic Earthquake with a magnitude of 3.9, which occurred about 4 km south of the conference at a 4.3 km depth.Several other headed it in the hour former to the M 3.9 and tens of impacts that have occurred so far, with the event rates falling in a typical manner of mainshock-aftershock systems.

The Earthquake was felt in the locality situated around the volcano.The after-effects of the Earthquake are likely to continue for several hours or days after the mainshock, some of which may be even major.Seismologists from the CVO and Pacific Northwest Seismic Network have not yet specified that the seismic event could be related to a volcanic hazard at the volcano also.

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