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Microsoft to Reward Employees $1,500 for Their Efforts during the Pandemic

Microsoft will give a reward of $1,500 as a bonus to its employees. The effort by the company is to keep the employees happy during the pandemic and ensure that the employees stick around while they are away from offices. The company believes such care could reduce employee resignation and job changes as companies restart their work from offices.

The bonuses will cost the company about $200 million. Microsoft spokesman said that this gesture by the company is to show appreciation of the employees’ efforts with the customers and partners for a year now.As of the first quarter’s end, the company had $125 billion in cash in terms of short-term investments and equivalents.

The chief people officer of, Kathleen Hogan, first announced the news about the bonuses in a message to the employees. The bonuses will be distributed in July or August to the employees within the country and abroad. However, according to the spokesperson, the bonuses will not be given to corporate vice presidents, employees of Zenimax and LinkedIn, neither to the employees of Microsoft GitHub.

The special payments are one way that the employees of have shown courage in the Covid-19 age. Some companies have helped their employees by paying credits for food delivery, such as Uber Eats. Other companies showed appreciation to the employees by distributing care packages or offering additional leaves this year. In addition, Microsoft has also granted an extra time off of five days this year to the employees.

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