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McDonald’s to Offer Jobs to People who Have Ended Unemployment Benefits

McDonald’s Corp. says that the labor shortage that has overwhelmed its restaurants during this year shows signs of reduction, especially in the states that have already ended the extended unemployment benefits.  In the most recent months, fast-food chains like McDonald’s have struggled to find employees as the federal stimulus checks, and additional unemployment benefits have encouraged the workers to stay at home.

The CEO of McDonald’s, Christopher Kempczinski, said on the company’s earnings in the second quarter of the year on Wednesday that it is surely still an exciting staffing environment.  He further said that the applications had increased quite significantly.

Applications in the states that have ended early, the federal stimulus, are inclined to do even better. So, he thinks that there is evidence that as the federal stimulus rolls off, that people will see an improvement in the rate of application.At least half of the states of the US have ended or have some plans to further end the extra $300 per week in the unemployment benefits before they expire in September 2021.

States that have ended the benefits already tend to take lower unemployment benefits than those that have not.McDonald’s franchisees have been tempting the workers to come back to the office by offering them several incentives, including free childcare and healthcare, sign-on bonuses, and several other incentives, according to Kempczinski. Wages have increased to almost 5% in the company’s restaurants in the United States.

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