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McDonald Plans to Serve Mcplant burger

McDonald is ready to test the Mcplant burger out in the United States.The McPlant, featuring a plant-based patty created in partnership with Beyond Meat, will be available at eight restaurants for a limited time starting November 3, McDonald said Thursday.

The company said that the restaurants are in cities including El Segundo and Manhattan Beach in California; Cedar Falls, Iowa; Irving and Carrollton, Texas; and Jennings and Lake Charles, Louisiana.Over the past few years, fast food companies have been experimenting with plant-based offerings to court flexitarian consumers, who want to eat less meat or add vegetables to their diet for health or environmental reasons.

McDonald is late to the plant-based party in the United States.Burger King added the Impossible Whopper, made with a plant-based patty from Beyond’s rival Impossible Foods, in 2019. It recently announced a test of Impossible nuggets.

Wendy’s started testing a new Spicy Black Bean Burger” in three US cities in June.McDonald said that it would launch a McPlant line, which could eventually include plant-based chicken and breakfast sandwiches, during an investor update in November 2020.Over the past year, it has tested out the McPlant burger in certain European markets, including Sweden, Denmark, the UK and elsewhere. While the McPlant may be attractive to vegetarians or flexitarians, strict vegans might be less interested in the product McDonald is testing.

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