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Mazda Plans to Launch 3 SUVs by 2023

Mazda is expanding its SUV lineup with new models underpinned by performance-minded architectures. The company has been shifting toward a more premium position and will only offer its SUVs with standard all-wheel-drive.

Auto manufacturers also added that CX-50 will be launched first in November ahead of the start of production early next year at Mazda new factory in Alabama that it shares with Toyota. The CX-50 will be built on the same platform as the existing Japanese-made CX-5 and initially sold alongside it.

The midsize two-row CX-70 and three-row CX-90 will be added to the lineup, the latter replacing the CX-9 and both using a new chassis with an inline-six-cylinder turbocharged engine with electric assist that will also underpin a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan. Mazda said the models will also be offered with plug-in hybrid powertrains and that it will sell narrower versions called the CX-60 and CX-80 in Europe and Asia.

Mazda said that it will launch a plug-in hybrid vehicle that uses a rotary gas engine as a range extender next year. The company didn’t confirm if it will be offered in the U.S., where it just launched the limited availability MX-30 EV battery-powered crossover, which has an electric-only range of approximately 100 miles.

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