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Marriott warns Fight for Talent As It Struggles to Recruit Staff

The Marriott group has around 10,000 job openings across the business chain but the pandemic has made the industry vulnerable to huge loss and less attractive to jobseekers. The chief executive Marriott group warned that it is in “fight for talent” as it struggles to keep pace with rebounding bookings.

The CEO stated that pandemic is stopping workers from re-joining or jobseekers from choosing job in this field. Thus the travel and tourism sector is highest hit by the pandemic leading to acute staff shortages, he said.Marriott is largest hotel company in the world operating franchises, licenses lodging in hotel, residential, and timeshare properties.

Currently, the company has nearly 10,000 job openings at its 600 managed hotels all over US. But, it is facing he scarcity of workers owing to the pandemic.The company is facing major problem in Florida as it is among the first US states that have bounced back fastest from the downturn led by the pandemic. Thus, travel and tourism sector in this region is regaining momentum and this increasing creating demand for resort holidays and more space for workers.

Experiencing pent-up demand for holidays and strengthening domestic market the hotel industry is the US has recorded highest revenue and room rates of this year.  But the hotels and restaurants have to forcefully cut the opening times and service hours due to shortage of workers. But the company said, it is hiring more candidates trying to meet the surging demand.

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