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KPM Analytics Continues Facilities Expansion

KPM Analytics, Massachusetts, United States, is a global leader of innovative scientific instrumentation used to analyze critical parameters in various sectors, including industrial, food, and agriculture. KPM has continued investment activities and is invested in expanding the company’s global footprint along with enhancing the infrastructure to help serve the constantly growing customer base. On Thursday, the company announced that many of its facilities would be relocated, and some other manufacturing and sales units would be upgraded.

KPM Analytics will set up a new headquarter and establishment of Excellence Centers in Europe and North America. The company has been successful in outgrowing space in many of its present locations, expanding partnership ventures with customers, aiding improved management of product quality, protecting brand value, and reducing operational costs.

Brian Mitchell, CEO of KPM Analytics, has put forth the company’s aim to solve the most challenging customer problems with the help of a robust line of scientific instrumentation offerings. The company’s extended growth targets customer need at the local level with tangible benefits to the employees.Originally headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts, KPM Analytics is initiated to move to a brand-new facility in Westborough, Massachusetts.

This new establishment will serve as the global KPM Analytics headquarter and will be observed as the North American Center of Excellence fully equipped with modern and high-tech training spaces. It will also offer demonstration rooms enabling product education and elevated customer engagement.

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