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Kids Aged Five and Above Getting Vaccinated in Louisiana

The tests of Pfizer’s vaccine started on Monday in Louisiana for children aged 5 to 11.Children held stuffed toys, hid under chairs, and a few cried at the Ochsner Medical Center, situated just outside New Orleans. Their temperatures and blood pressures were also checked and finally, they got a dose of the sample vaccine or the Vaccinated. Ochsner is amongst the 98 facilities in 26 states, the District of Columbia, Finland, Poland, and Spain where the tests are set to be taking place.

WHO permitted the Pfizer vaccine on May 10 for children aged 12-15. Adam Bright, whose younger son Tucker is aged 5, said that it was worth the chance to be a part of the trial. He further said that he is confident about the Pfizer Vaccinated being safe, exclusively after witnessing how easily these Vaccinated seem to be going for the next age group up.

A Five-year-old kid, Kalil Chaudhry-Halperin, gripped a stuffed toy as he was waiting at Ochsner to get his shot. He was shy and a bit anxious, but his father, Jason Halperin, said that Kalil was eager because he knew that his parents and his 12-year-old sister have already been Vaccinated.

Another kid of 7 named Russell Bright gripped his father’s hand tightly as he was getting his dose. However, children are anxious and nervous, but deep down in their minds, they know that getting Vaccinated is important to let go of the virus. Young minds quite understand the significance of early and are motivated for quick shots to protect themselves and peer groups.

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