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Kellog’s Last Offer was Rejected by the Union Leaders

Kellogg’s Company’s union workers continue to strike after a negotiation committee representing them wasn’t satisfied with the company’s latest offer. Around 325 workers have been out picketing at the Battle Creek plant for 31 days.

Kellogg’s workers at other plants in Nebraska, Tennessee and Pennsylvania are also on strike. Company machine operator and part-time crew leader Mike Cramutolo said that they are out here trying to get as much attention out here as we can.Mike Cramutolo has worked at Kellogg’s for 10 years. He also added that he liked the job and he got to know more people on strike. He now feels closer to them.

All members of the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union (BCTGM) Local 3-G are fighting to block a system that would prevent some employees from receiving full benefits and earning a pension. As they head into week five, it is getting more real.It is a financial hardship, but my family has been preparing for this.Union workers said this strike has been a long time coming.Negotiations ended just before 5:20 p.m. Wednesday after the company provided their “last best and final offer,” which did not achieve a pathway to fully vetted workers without takeaways.

Kellogg’s is no longer proposing a permanent two-tiered structure and continues the current pathway to legacy wages and benefits in its latest offer. However, the company says their offer comes with “significant” wage increases for current and future transitional employees.

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