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JP Morgan Chase Invests in start up Vera Whole Health

Investment banking company JP Morgan Chase agreed to make its first investment around $50 million in the start-up healthcare provider Vera Whole Health. The start-up is advancing new subscription-type model aimed at healthcare of employees.

The investment bank’s employees will soon be able to avail the services of Vera Whole Health.Vera, founded in 2008 is aimed at improving employee outcomes and minimize their healthcare costs by providing primary care doctors accountable for employee health.Vera aims to advance the traditional model of healthcare services provided to the company employees. JP Morgan is one of the first corporate employers to invest in Vera Whole Health.

This will help address thorniest issues facing U.S’s healthcare system. U.S healthcare system has been ranked lowest in various health indices in recent years and also in the latest data released by Commonwealth Fund.  Vera’s modern approach will address not only physical ailments but will also focus on higher patient engagement, mental illnesses, etc. But for the current year, Vera’s services will only be available for the employees in selected regions.

The services provided through advanced care model by Vera are common to the Medicare insurers but are not yet common to the corporate community.Vera Whole Health looks for lowering the healthcare costs of employees below 65 age population. This would be a huge investment by JP Morgan in a healthcare startup to have a model focused on employee health for better outcomes.

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