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Jet Fuel Shortage Reported at a few US Airports

The seats are reserved on most planes, but the Fuel tanks are not sufficiently full in some cases.At quite a few western airports in the United States, there is not enough  to meet the passengers’ amplified demand for leisure travel.

That could end up causing some of the flights to be canceled or force the airlines to make additional breaks to up on lengthier routes.A portion of this problem is the shortage of tank truck drivers needed to deliver the Fuel.

According to an industry trade group, an approximate rate of 20% of tankers all over the nation are parked because of a lack of capable drivers. This shortage has already been affecting the gas stations.But the airlines and airports are also struggling to get the Fuel needed because the tubes and pipelines had moved away from carrying the jet when air travel was crushed down to a near closure during the last year.

Now jet Fuel is not getting the pipeline space it needs to meet up with the recent rush in air travel.The problem is the most definite in a series of western airports that are quite popular for vacation destinations, including some airports in Idaho, Montana, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming.Airlines for America is an airline industry trade group, also known as A4A. It said that the flights in and out of Montana are increased by 25% above the pre-pandemic levels.

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