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It’s Impossible for Life to Survive in Venus clouds, Reveal New Studies

Queen’s University, Belfast’s international research team, said that the clouds of Venus are simply too dry.In 2020 the hopes had been raised that the Venusian atmosphere might contain microbes amid the presence of phosphine gas (PH3).

It was concluded that the geological activity alone could not explain the concentration. But the study by Belfast put a barricade on this thought.The research team studied the state in the clouds, collected by space probes, and then went through the library of lifeforms on Earth to check if any living organism can keep up in that difficult environment. The clouds are made up of mainly sulphuric acid with a small part of water.

The study stated that even extremophiles, the microbes that live in very challenging conditions, can’t survive in those conditions.Belfast’s School of Biological Sciences’ Dr. John Hallsworth said that they found that water concentration is a little less than what’s needed for most flexible microorganisms on Earth, approximately 100 times.The value is too low on the scale, and there’s a wide distance from the amount required for organisms to live.

Does it put an end to the idea of life on Venus? Research put forward in September 2020, led by Cardiff University’s Prof Jane Greaves raised the possibility of life on Venus and intrigued other groups to mock the position.On Monday, June 28, 2021, Prof Greaves praised the work of Dr. Hallsworth and described that there is some excellent piece of work in the new research. But she is still a little optimistic about livable windows in the clouds of Venus.

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