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Healthcare Data Science Trends with Significant Potential

The current healthcare system is exclusively adopting advanced data Science in order to enhance operations, and overall performance. Leveraging data Science technologies is also positively affecting patient recovery from different health problems such as the recently emerged life-threatening COVID-19 disease. The healthcare system has drastically transformed particularly displayed in the post-pandemic scenario showing promising growth of data Science.

The healthcare industry is advancing at a rapid pace with the introduction of innovative technologies including the evolving analytics platforms, and trending application of artificial intelligence. Healthcare trends also include the surging adoption of DevOps, and digital twins along with the increasing shift towards preventative treatment. Data Science has emerged to be a revolutionary technology for the healthcare system with multiple high-efficiency applications. For instance, it helps deliver effective care covering activities such as capacity demand management or predicting the duration of stay, alignment and management post discharge. Adding to the beneficial utilization of data Science, Rob O’Neil, the head of analytics at UHMBT stated that it also helps manage lower care demands.

At the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT), the aim is to combine the utility of data Science with predictive analytics through Qlik, Snowflake, and DataRobot. Companies are collaborating with a singular effort to construct a modern analytics platform facilitating real-time analytics.

Advancements in AI, and machine learning have helped achieve new levels of communication efficiency, and highly improved data management system within healthcare. DevOps has proved to one of the most fruitful technology candidates maintaining cost effective business performance.

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