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health insurance program which the most older Americans are dependent

As per the trusted sources of information, the health insurance program which the most older Americans are dependent on, named as the Medicare is likely to cover vision, hearing, and dental under a budget agreement which was declared by the Senate Democrats.

The proposal which was extended to offer the coverage was a part of the plan to spend USD 3.5 trillion over the upcoming decade which contains problems such as te health care, family service, climate change, which are the problems that are the part of agenda made by the US President Joe Biden.

However, there is not guarantee that everything that is mentioned in the proposal is likely to come under the complete congressional process, even though the Medicare advocates are looking forward to bringing out the fruits of these extra benefit coverage to fruition.

As per the trusted sources, senior policy attorney and associate director for the Center for Medicare Advocacy, David Lipschutz stated that this proposal if passed, will come out to be a very big deal for the medicare program as well as the medicare beneficiaries across the United States. If the congress makes sure to add up these benefits in their plan, it will fill some major gaps that were there in the program ever since it had begun he added.As per the trusted data, around 62.7 million individuals across the US have bought this plan and a large number of them are aged 65 and above. They rely on Medicare are their primary health insurance.

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