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Griddy Energy Finally Relieves Customers of Sky High Bills

Griddy Energy customers no longer responsible for the sky-rocketed electricity bills generated in February. February saw a brutally devastating winter storm which resulted in adversities one of which was the soared bills. As per a recent announcement made on Monday, the company has settled upon barring customers from the paying the bills.

The storm had left at least millions of Texans stranded with no access to power as the storm incapacitated the state’s power grid. It had a life-threatening impact on the people as they were forced to survive in freezing temperatures. Deaths reported counted at least 210 fatalities.

In March followed by the winter storm, Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton pressed charges against Griddy Energy along with Griddy Holdings. The lawsuit accused the power company of misleading, false, and deceptive advertising, and marketing tactics. This was after the company had sent its customers the shockingly high electricity bills.Griddy Energy adopted rather unethical techniques to balance the shooting prices of energy due to the storm. The company offered customers electricity at a wholesale price instead of deploying a fixed-rate electric plan. Ultimately this rendered customers with a hefty bill in hand.

One of the many Griddy Energy customers actually received a bill of approximately $10,000. The same month Griddy Energy was seen taking another step in response to the legal actions. The company registered for a bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. As a result of the recent announcement, Griddy’s plans for liquidation thereby release its customers from any outstanding balances.

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