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Girl hospitalized While Shooting Viral Tik-Tok Video

A 13-year-old Tik-Tok-obsessed girl has been hospitalized in ICU with third-degree burns after she seemingly tried to replicate a video she saw on the social media platform.

Oregon teen Destini Crane brutally burned her neck and right arm and has had to undergo three skin-grafting operations, ABC News reported. Her family is hoping to alert the public to stop others from trying the same thing.Social Media trends often lead to such repercussions. These trends go viral and obsessive people go crazy beyond limits. They don’t quite understand the consequences of dangerous challenges that go around social media platforms. Tik-Tok has always been in the spotlight for such life-risking trends.

The video involved drawing a shape using a flammable liquid on a mirror, then lighting it on fire, as her mother told to ABC News. The Tik-Tok video showed a man spraying a hair spray on the mirror and then lighting it, as reported by WPSD-TV.The family has had to put themselves together what might have happened since Destini has not been able to speak since the accident. She brought a candle, a lighter, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol into the bathroom, where the flammable liquid shattered due to the lack of ventilation, told ABC News.

Challenges like this are very risky and can go wrong in seconds. This is identified as a tricky development ever seen. One must not lose their mind for testing these kinds of challenges because life is more important than trends on social media.

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