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General Motors and Honda Manufacture Affordable Electric Vehicles

General Motors and Honda are working on developing affordable eclectic vehicles that will fit in the global architecture. The company announced this information on Tuesday morning. This new project will use General Motors’ next generations Ultium battery technology.This partnership is predicted to produce more millions of affordable Electric vehicles that also included the compact crossover vehicle.

Chair Mary Barra said in a statement that General Motors and Honda will equally share the best technology, design and manufacturing methods to deliver affordable Electric vehicles globally.Affordable electric vehicles are very hard to adapt to the new technologies. Electric vehicles are gaining popularity mainly due to the impact they create on our environment and due to the surging fuel price. Both the automobile manufacturer have produced an Electric vehicle which is predicted to be $30,000. Ken Morris also spoke about the fuel cell programs.

The companies refused to reveal the financial terms of the new tie-up. The manufacturing company said that they will discuss about the Electric Vehicle battery technology collaboration option to cut down the cost of electrification to improve the performance of the vehicle. General Motors and Honda are working on new updated battery that includes solid-state batteries.

Solid stated batteries are lighter with greater energy which will reduce the price of the vehicle. General Motors are capable of producing 2 million Electric Vehicles worldwide by 2025. Honda a spearhead in manufacturing fuel-efficient vehicles that are largely focused on manufacturing hybrid vehicles but they are working on manufacturing more affordable electric vehicles.

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