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FCC approves Google wireless streaming device

FCC just approved a mystifying Google product in the U.S. that is usually an indication that a viable release isn’t really that away.The catalog is a mainly exciting one as it involves approximately no information at all about what the product is, though.

As marked by Android Police, the heading describes a Wireless Streaming Device with GJQ9T as its model number that is so indistinct that it could be applied to almost everything. Certainly, the timing makes the site wonder, which they could be looking at a latest Chromecast, given the current Chromecast with Google TV , had its own approval by FCC in August 2020 with an identical sounding model of GZRNL.

But, uniformly, there are aspects to be cynical of this claim. Certainly, one probable flaw is spotlighted by Android Police in the very same report: the listing by FCC provided the proof for what Chromecast with Google TV is described as an Interactive Media Streaming Device instead of a Wireless Streaming Device that means such expectations could be misplaced.In fact, the reality could be much more ordinary. Just the presence of the word streaming has become similar with demand of video amongst users worldwide, does not offer any guarantee which is meaning in this case and streaming could just refer to data being offered to devices through a local network, through a security camera.

The site records the similarity among the one that emerged in March and the new listing that is currently presumed to be one of the latest Nest cameras announced last week. According to the count by the site, they’ve just seen three associated FCC listings, so it’s probable e that this is only the filing for one among the four previously confirmed devices.

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