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Facebook Brings a 180 Degree Change in its New Policies

As per the trusted sources, on Friday, Facebook made an announcement regarding the reversal of its content moderation policies.The declaration stated that the posts from politicians would be no longer exempt from the rules of the company, which are likely to prevent the users from engaging in hate speech.Further, the company also said that the former president of the US, Donald Trump, will be continued suspension from the platform for two years, which has been effective since Jan 7, the official date of suspension.

Moreover, the company stated that the new policies would not treat the information posted by the politicians as newsworthy or informative, or in the public interest.These posts will be monitored just like the posts of any other user who uses the platform.However, in rare cases and times, the content posted by politicians and other users will be regarded as newsworthy by the company.

But, the company will start publicly publishing regular updates about the times where it indicates it as an exemption in order to keep the transparency.This announcement brought a huge change in the Facebook policies as compared to the previous vow of upholding free speech and proclaimed that it shouldn’t be the arbiter of genuine news.

Post the 2020 US elections; the company has come to this decision to allow politicians to post and promote as they wish on Facebook even if they do not have genuine information.While talking of suspension of the accounts for violating the company’s standards, Facebook stated that they would consider the severity of violence and influence of the person on the platform.

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