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Elon Musk Suggests to Turn a Spaceship into a Giant Telescope

SpaceX’s Starship could carry the first astronauts up to the surface of the Moon since the Apollo missions have cleaned up the increasingly littered orbit of the Earth and can perhaps even help establish a city on Mars.

Now, the CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, says that it can also be used to bring up the planetary observations into the 21st century.In a tweet posted on Wednesday, Musk suggested the spaceship itself can serve as the structure for a new giant Telescope along with ten times the resolution of NASA’s Hubble, which is a signal that Musk still has a lot of big ideas which are left for the spacecraft of the company.

According to Musk, the idea of converting a Starship spacecraft into an enormous space Telescope was first proposed to him by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory astrophysicist Saul Perlmutter.The news originated after NASA’s old Hubble Space had to put its scientific researches and investigations on pause in the last month due to a software bug. The scientists of NASA are now eagerly looking forward to a fix to get the Telescope back on its track.

In a previous tweet, Musk detailed his plans for the Mars-bound rocket, which would act as a “dedicated deep space variant.” The rocket could also allow SpaceX to launch even heavier shipments to all the distant destinations, including the Moon and Mars.

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