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Dr. Kavita Patel Expects the need for Booster COVID Vaccine

As per the trusted sources of information, Dr. Kavita Patel, the former official of Obama administration, and currently works as primary care physician in Washington, stated that she expects the government to eventually authorize the third Booster COVID-19 shot to the completely vaccinated people due to the rising transmissible variants of the infection.

As per the trusted sources, she further added that the rising threat of delta variant dominating the globe as well as the potential of other variants in the future, it is not unlikely that we might need a Booster shot of the vaccine. However she wasn’t sure if vaccinating the people with third shot within 6 months might be too soon.

Reportedly, these comments by Dr. Patel came before the government officials had a meeting with the federal health officials on Monday, to discuss the requirement of the third shot of COVID-19 vaccine Booster shots.

Pfizer recently started the development of the Booster shots in order to fight the highly transmissible delta variant. In the announcement, the company stated the study from Israel along with the internal data that shows the need for an extra shot as people are experiencing the decline of immunity from Pfizer’s first two dose of vaccine. The company stated that the people might need a third dose of vaccine within a year of getting the other two doses.However, the CDC announced a statement saying that the fully vaccinated adults with two doses do not require a third shot of the vaccine.

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