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Depression and MS can Complicate Risk Factors

According to new research, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Depression travel hand-in-hand. As they do, the two health conditions increase the risk of death within a decade by five times. There are no evidential findings supporting the exact understanding of why the combination is fatal. However, there may be several contributing factors, says author Dr. Raffaele Palladino.

Depression is a health condition that is scientifically explained by internal inflammation along with other changes in the brain that elevate the risk of a stroke. Individuals that are diagnosed with psychiatric disorders often run the risk of cardiovascular ailments. This is because of poor management and lack of healthy practices such as inappropriate diet and physical activity. Such a scenario can adversely affect MS along with other health aspects, according to Palladino.

MS affects approximately 1 million Americans. The disease is a ripple effect of failure by the immune system when it misfires against the central nervous system. As a result, 20% of individuals that suffer from MS also experience Depression, Palladino said.

As a part of the study, researchers observed the medical records of 85,000 people, including patients with and without MS. Later, they tracked the individuals that eventually developed a vascular disease or succumbed to death in a time period of 10 years.People suffering from MS and Depression together are five times more likely to witness rapidly declining health over the next decade as compared to the non-diseased. The study also established two control factors of diabetes and smoking.

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