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Debt Collectors can now Contact You on Social Media

Debt Collectors can now slide into your DMs as a way to get your attention about missed payments. New rules implemented by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday now allow collection agencies to email, text, and direct message people on social media to track you down about outstanding debts.

Debt Collectors don’t need your permission to reach out, but they must identify themselves and give you a way to opt out of being contacted online. The messages also must be private. Debt Collectors can message you on Facebook but cannot post on your public page or any other place your contacts can see it.

The rules clarify that before a collector reports a debt to a credit rating agency, they must attempt to speak with the borrower in person or wait at least 14 days after sending a letter or virtual communication, including social media contacting, before reporting.

The CFPB said the change clarifies how Debt Collectors can communicate with you, including what information they’re required to provide at the outset of collection about the debt, your rights in debt collection, and how you can exercise those rights. The new rule potentially impacts millions of Americans. According to a CFPB survey in 2017, more than 70 million people had been contacted by a creditor or Debt Collectors about a debt in the previous year.

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