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Costco Reimposing Temporary Limits on Some Items

Costco Wholesale Corporation is reimposing purchase limits back on selected items amid the surge in COVID-19 cases.The company update on the COVID updates section on its website said some warehouses might have temporary item limits on select items.

The company did not let out any further details what products would be limited. The company said that if people order paper towels through its website, under its product details, it says limit 1 per member. The company Costco has a limit of 2 per member underneath its product details when purchasing toilet paper on its website.This temporary limitation on products comes as the Covid delta variant cases continue to surge through the U.S. This has caused Americans to panic-buying toilet paper again as they did at the beginning of the pandemic.

As a result many retailers last year placed limits on the number of certain products they could purchase in one trip, such as toilet paper and paper towels. In July, Costco Wholesale Corporationsaid it would continue to hold special operating hours for members 60 and older and vulnerable shoppers twice a week, until further notice. This announcement came weeks after the company said it would end the senior hours effective July 26.

Costco Wholesale Corporation inched 0.97% higher to $460.97 on Thursday. This appeared to be an all-around great trading session for the stock market, with the S&P 500 Index SPX rising 0.28% to 4,536.95 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA rising 0.37% to 35,443.82. This was the stock’s second consecutive day of gains. The company hit a new 52-week high, surpassing its previous peak of $460.62, which the company achieved on August 20th.

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