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Coronavirus Survivors Have Long Term Immunity, says New Study 

According to the new study people who have recovered from Coronavirus have broad and effective longer-term immunity to the disease. The new findings are the most detailed of their kind so far and have importance for expanding comprehension about human immune memory as well as future vaccine development for Coronavirus.

For the study in Cell Reports Medicine, researchers observed 254 patients with mild to moderate symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 infection for more than eight months which is 250 days and found that their immune response to the virus remained durable and strong. Rafi Ahmed, director of the Emory University Vaccine Center and a lead author of the paper said that these findings are reassuring, especially given early reports during the pandemic that protective neutralizing antibodies didn’t last in COVID-19.

Ahmed said that the study serves as a framework to define and predict long-lived immunity to SARS-CoV-2 after natural infection. We also saw indications in this phase that natural immunity could continue to persist.The research team will continue to evaluate this cohort over the next few years.

The new study showed along with the immune response increase with disease severity but also with each decade of age regardless of disease severity, suggesting that additional unknown factors are influencing age-related differences in COVID-19 responses.Researchers got an in-depth view of how the immune system responds to Coronavirus. The picture that emerges indicates that the body’s defence shield not only produces an array of neutralizing antibodies but activates certain T and B cells to establish immune memory, offering more sustained defenses against reinfection.

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