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College Students Often Lured by Tricky Business Strategies Such as MLM

College Students are mostly eager to acquire those job prospects just in time for graduation. Oftentimes, students are approached through vague unmarked letters, unknown-number text messages, and aggressive DMs on social media with a sweet job opportunity. This opportunity usually promises high salaries, networking occasions, and flexible hours.

MLM, also known as Multi-Level Marketing a popular business strategy often targets students to promote various products and services. Students or non-salaried individuals go door-to-door to find appropriate buyers, also finding new sellers. Unlike fixed salary schemes, and MLM model doesn’t guarantee fixed remuneration. Instead, it usually offers two ways for employees to make money- direct sales of products and finding more people to join. Most companies prefer using current members to lure new people into joining their scheme.

Explicitly, at NYU, the College Board has observed that the university meets over 70% of the financial commitments of their pupils, thereby leaving a very little portion for students to pay either through loans or jobs. Naturally, students will seek jobs off-campus to help them live and survive at the university, especially those with financial hardships. MLM business schemes often consider students as ideal sellers, given their financial instability and eagerness to make quick money.

For most of the people who have been approached by an scheme, the best advice is to avoid such schemes rather than do research, ask questions about sites, and aware of others of the schemes.Roughly 99% of those workers in MLM schemes lose money or just get by. It is good to control your eagerness and start looking for your first job.

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