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Chrome OS is better for Android than Windows 11

Last week, Microsoft staged an official event to launch Windows 11, bringing the operating system’s anticipation ahead. We learned at the event that Windows 11 would run Android apps, which was a pleasant surprise. This is important news for anyone who utilizes an Android mobile in conjunction with their PC. The ability to run mobile apps on your PC expands your options.

Many mobile games lack a PC counterpart. However, you may now play your favorite game on your PC, thanks to Android app support. From social media to popular productivity and messaging apps, there is a slew of more appealing use-cases. Unfortunately, Android apps on Windows 11 will not be as entertaining or valuable as they are on your phone.

The Amazon Appstore will be used to install Android apps on . This isn’t a significant red signal because Amazon is a well-known technological company. Amazon, in reality, has a lot of expertise with Android on their Fire tablet ecosystem. The Amazon Appstore, on the other hand, isn’t the same as the Google Play Store.

This truth will irritate casual Windows users who are looking for an Android-like experience on their computers. If you want to run Android apps on your laptop, one of the most acceptable Chromebooks is a good choice. The hassle of running two app stores on your PC is the first annoyance of the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11. While you can look for Android apps in the Microsoft Store in Windows 11, you’ll have to leave to go to the Amazon Appstore to install any you discover. This means you’ll have to sign in to your PC with both a Microsoft and an Amazon account.

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