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California Gas Prices Smashes Records Again

California Gas Prices hit $4.682 per gallon on Monday, setting a new record for the state for the second day in a row. Monday’s price for regular unleaded was six-tenths of a cent higher than the Sunday average reported by AAA, which broke the all-time record of $4.671 previously set in October 2012.

America’s largest state by population has the highest Gas Prices in the country. The national average ticked up slightly to $3.415 Monday.AAA said heavy rainstorms in Northern California have pinched production capacity, which then trickled down to Southern California — just what happened in Louisiana with Hurricane Ida.

Prices are pushing $5 in some areas, including Northern California’s Humboldt County, where the average price was $4.97 Monday. The Bay Area has surged to more than $4.85. Doug Shupe, a spokesperson for AAA, said that although Californians are used to paying more for gas, the Gas Prices have been much higher lately.

Drivers are paying $1.50 more per gallon than a year ago. The person who has the typical midsize sedan with a 14-gallon size fuel tank, they’re paying $21 more to fill up that tank today than last year. Shupe says the primary reasons for the price spike are higher crude oil prices and pent up demand from the pandemic. Gasoline prices have surged to seven-year highs, and Wall Street banks are warning that $100 or even $120 oil is on its way.

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